In case you haven't heard the great news, today, May 2nd 2017, is Customer Appreciation Day at Jimmy John's, which means $1 subs for all! Since this deal is almost too good not to cash in on, we lined out everything you need to know about how to properly obtain your $1 sandwich, as well as what to then do with your newly-acquired prized possession.
Everything You Need to Know About Getting a $1 Sub From Jimmy John's Today
Everything You Need to Know About Getting a $1 Sub From Jimmy John's Today
| Credit: Getty Images; Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo

You probably woke up this morning thinking that today was just another ordinary Tuesday. However, it’s important that you know today is, in fact, a very special day because Tuesday, May 2nd 2017 is regarded by the fine employees of Jimmy John’s as “Customer Appreciation Day.” How do they show this great level of appreciation, you ask? SUBS for only $1, that’s how! But before you hop in your car right this very second—hold on, because there are a few things you need to know about this once in a lifetime (well, in a year, actually) deal.

First, this deal can only be redeemed today between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. No exceptions, people. If delivery is your preferred method of acquiring your sammie, sorry, you’ve got to strap on your boots and head to the store yourself if you’re planning on scoring a sub for 100 pennies. You can’t even go through the drive-thru for this deal; they want to look you straight in the eyes (and appreciate you to your face) before they go auctioning off their precious goods for such a discounted price. Another stipulation to note about this epic deal—you can only order from subs #1 through #6, J.J.B.L.T.s, and Plain Slims. If your typical Jimmy John’s order is on wheat bread or an “Unwich,” that’s cool. Just make sure that your local Jimmy John’s location doesn’t charge extra for this modification. Because if they do, then you still have to fork over that extra chunk of change. While you’re inquiring about this, make sure you’re headed to a participating location. You can double-check here.

Now, onto the question you’re likely dying to have answered—can you order more than one sandwich per person? Well, kinda. If one sub just doesn’t cut it (we understand completely), you are allowed to hop back on the end of the line and go for another round. The deal states, “you can go through the line multiple times, at the store’s discretion.” In other words, if you’re going to pull this hilariously dedicated and frugal move, just don’t be an ass about it.

Now that you’re fully versed on what this deal entails, let’s talk about your execution of such an exciting offer. The natural thing for the proud new owner of multiple foot-long subs to do is to obviously slice them up (tossing those end pieces off to the side for another day), conjoining these slices, and inviting all your friends over because you’re the proud new owner of a 6-foot sub (that only costed you $6!). Sure, you can’t put a price on the time it took you to collect such subs, as well as the walk of shame that you made to the back of the line in front of 6 different crowds of people. But hey, we respect your dedication to your cheap sandwich game... and speaking on behalf of the Jimmy John’s crew, we really appreciate you!

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane