She loves Ina Garten just as much as we do.
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Jennifer Garner Getty Image
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Actress Jennifer Garner can now add celebrity chef to her long resume of film and television accolades. The self-taught home cook, recently uploaded “Pretend Cooking Show” to her Facebook page, a charmingly casual cooking demo in which Garner gushes over Ina Garten and walks her audience through preparing Garten’s Honey White Bread recipe from one of her Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. In the video, Garner reminisces over eating breadmen that her mother use to make for her, and she decides to shape the proofed dough into the form of a breadman instead of placing the dough in a loaf pan. This is a total (awesome) mom move. Being a mother of 3 herself, she explains how much her family loves this particular recipe. She further elaborates that she also uses the classic recipe to make a cinnamon raisin bread—yet another pro move.

In another short video, we see her making a smoothie with all smiles. Garner is quirky, endearing, and frankly, highly enjoyable to watch. I mean, when she isn’t being awesome on the big screen, of course we’d love to see more of her at home in her kitchen, cooking everyday meals. In fact, in the next official episode 2 of the “Pretend Cooking Show,” Garner starts an English muffin recipe from the Huckleberry Cookbook by Zoe Nathan in her jammies. (Which I think means that anyone who watches the show can basically claim bestie status with Jennifer Garner now...)

She preps the dough the night before by coating the outside with cornmeal and chilling the cut-rounds in the refrigerator. The next morning, Garner brings her dough to room temperature and sears the outside crust on a griddle and in a cast-iron skillet before finishing her English muffins in the oven. Ultimately, she can’t actually eat the glorious muffins because she is in the middle of shooting a film and carbs are a no-go, but she sure made me want to make/devour them. And normally, I feel like it might annoy me to watch an A-list celebrity make muffins and then refuse to actually consume them, but not Garner… no, she has this way of leaving you grateful that she even wanted to spend the morning cooking with you.

What will Garner cook next? You’ll have to tune in to find out. (We’ll see you there.)