Ushisuke lets dogs enjoy the dining experience they deserve.
Credit: Ushisuke

Every dog owner is familiar with the disappointment that comes from realizing you can’t bring your pup inside of a restaurant to eat with you. Sure, maybe restaurant bans on dogs are inspired by trivialities like “health codes” or “not wanting patrons to get bitten and sue,” but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Luckily, some smart folks in Japan knows that our desire to dine on succulently grilled meats shouldn’t prevent us from spending quality time with our pets. Ushisuke, a chain of restaurants in Tokyo and Yokahama, serves yakiniku (grilled meat) to humans, and seems to be accommodating to their four-legged friends too, as Kotaku reports.

Based on a delightful collection of Instagram posts made by those who’ve been lucky enough to bring their heckin’ good doggos to the table, Ushisuke looks like a dream destination for anyone who’s a fan of quality Japanese meats and spending time with their pet.

Ushisuke doesn’t simply allow pets. Rather than feeding them table scraps of wagyu (which still sounds pretty great, to be honest), dogs have their very own menu options to choose from. Those look to feature a mix of rice and veggies fashioned into pet-friendly shapes, plus a little bit of tasty meat to make sure your furry friend gets the full yakiniku experience.

Does anything like this exist in the US? Cat cafes are all the rage and the occasional dog-friendly restaurant happen here or there (with biscuits and other subtle nods to our pets on the menu), but there could certainly be more restaurants that treat dogs as equal dining companions. If dogs can drink their own beer and find work as bartenders, there’s no reason that good boys and girls shouldn’t be able to sit down to some nice grilled beef and a bone made out of rice at the end of a long day.

Ushisuke, I extend my proverbial paw to you for a well-deserved shake. Hopefully soon enough we won’t have to take our pets on flights to Japan so they can eat like kings.