Black Jack Cola is a relatively safe 4.8% ABV.

There’s something iconic about Jack Daniels. Maybe it’s because of its frequent appearances backstage at massive concert venues, where it’s fueled much of the debauchery that gives rock and roll it’s reputation. While 2020 has blessed us all with plenty of valid reasons (including concert cancellations) to take long, deep swigs from a fifth of Jack Daniels, maybe a lighter and more balanced option would be a better choice right now.

Luckily, Black Jack Cola should fill the void. You’re never going to believe this, but this member of the Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails series is essentially a combination of whiskey and non-brand name cola—albeit with a slight lemon-lime twist.

Weighing in at a very drinkable 4.8 percent alcohol by volume, each bottle in this six pack is only about 12 percent as strong as straight Jack Daniels. While you may be disappointed to learn that this potable is less potent, it also means you can sip on a few over the course of a summer barbecue without fighting your stepdad with a charcoal grill lid as a shield. Think of it as a Smirnoff Ice without (as much of) the shameful stigma.

If this bottled take on a whiskey and Coke isn’t the right fit for you, rest assured that there are other flavors in the Country Cocktails portfolio. They range from Lynchburg Lemonade and “Downhome Punch” to Southern Citrus, Southern Peach, Cherry Limeade and more. Basically pretty much anything you’d want to mix with whiskey and drink from your standard 12-ounce bottle is on the table here.

So if you’ve exhausted your spiked seltzer and spritz options, maybe give some Black Jack Cola a shot. At the very least, it takes up less space than storing separate cans of soda and bottles of liquor in your home.