I'm going to a baby shower this afternoon with a Halloween theme and I'm supposed to bring a savory dish. So I'm taking a cheese ball in a pumpkin costume. Actually, it's a cheese ball that's shaped to look like a pumpkin, so I"ll see if I can pull this off. I started to make The Great White Pumpkin Cheese Ball from the October issue of Southern Living, but I didn't have any white Cheddar or goat cheese. So, I went with another pumpkin cheese ball recipe from Southern Living that calls for Cheddar cheese and cream cheese. I did use a braided pretzel for the stem instead of a broccoli stalk and thought this was a better idea. Plus, you can serve the rest of the pretzels with the cheese ball.

I've never taken a sculpture class and am not particularly artistic, but I thougth this halloween cheese ball somewhat resembled a small pumpkin. If you really use your imagination. But even if the pumpkin shape is slightly hard to detect, it tastes really great. How can you go wrong with three kinds of cheese, paprika and ground red pepper? It's a pretty thick cheese mixture, so be sure to serve with some sturdy crackers, along with the rest of the pretzels. I'm now wondering if I could make this in a pumpkin-shaped cake pan and use it as a mold. Hmmm.

If you need recipes for Halloween parties, check our "ultimate Halloween guide" for some spooky treats. Maybe not quite as spooky as this cheese pumpkin, but close!