We certainly didn't expect this.
instagram egg
Credit: Instagram u/@world_record_egg

You likely already know that a lone egg recently dethroned a picture of Kylie Jenner’s daughter as the most-liked Instagram photo of all time.

The unlikely hero has become a cultural icon of sorts, and rumors started to fly a few weeks ago when the egg started to crack—literally.

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A photo of the same egg, with a tiny crack in it, was posted to @world_record_egg on January 18.

Every few days, the account posted a new, slightly more cracked picture.

Fans had no idea what these mysterious photos meant, leading many to believe that the famous egg had partnered with a very lucky company (the account has more than 10 million followers) for an expensive Super Bowl advertisement.

This photo, posted a few days ago, seemed to confirm the rumor.

It turns out, though, that the egg’s intentions were much more wholesome than we expected.

A 20-second-plus animation, which aired exclusively on Hulu following the Super Bowl, showed the egg cracking (literally) under pressure.

The handwritten words in the video read: “Recently I’ve started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting to me. If you’re struggling too, talk to someone. We got this.”

The video then directs viewers to its website for more information about mental health awareness.

This might not be exactly what we expected from an egg with a Kylie Jenner vendetta, but it’s undoubtedly the best conclusion to a viral saga that we’ve ever seen.