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Puma Just Released In-N-Out-Inspired Sneakers
Credit: AFEW

Update, February 27, 2019: It seems In-N-Out isn't too happy with the tribute. The fast food chain is considering sending Puma a cease and desist letter, Nation's Restaurant News reports.

“There has been no collaboration between In-N-Out Burger and Puma,” said Denny Warnick, In-N-Out’s vice president of operations.


It’s been a weird week for In-N-Out. Five days after its fries were named the worst in the country, Puma released a new sneaker design inspired by the fast food chain.

Every day is a new adventure. Right, In-N-Out?

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The sneaker is called the Cali-O Drive Thru, according to UPROXX.

While they don’t feature the official In-N-Out name, it’s pretty clear what inspired the design: The red, white, and yellow color scheme, palm tree laces, and “drive thru” mention don’t leave much to the imagination.

The sneakers retail for a reasonable (I guess) $140.

As Eater points out, this isn’t an official collab—so snag a pair ASAP.

If this news doesn’t satiate your desire for food-inspired shoes, you’re in luck! Saucony will soon release sneakers in an avocado toast-inspired shade.

“Holy Saucamole! Celebrate your health kick with the delicacy of the exclusive “Avocado Toast” Shadow 6000,” Saucony announced on Instagram. “Featuring toast-ed leather, smashed avocado textured suede, red pepper flake collar lining, and the “Saucamole” shout out on the heel. It’s everything you avo-wanted, even if the guac is extra.”

The Saucamole design will also retail for $140, so you can own both pairs for a meager $280. What a wonderful time to be alive.