With the weather dipping below the freezing point for the first time this season, I am now officially craving chili. Although I do love a spicy tomato-based chili, my favorite kind is white chili with chicken or turkey, white beans and green chiles. There are lots of great versions of white chili, and I often experiment around and combine ideas from several different recipes.

But when I get home from work late and need a quick and easy chili, the White Bean Chili from the All-New Complete Step-by-Step Diabetic Cookbook from Oxmoor House is one I turn to regularly. It has only 8 ingredients, and they're all items that I usually keep on hand. If I don't have cannellini beans, I use navy beans, and if I don't have an onion, I use frozen chopped onion. I used rotisserie chicken last night, but sometimes I use leftover chicken or turkey. The cook time is less than 30 minutes and it has great flavor for a chili that cooks so quickly.

The real secret to the thickness of this chili is mashing one can of the beans. Don't take a shortcut and leave out this step because it won't be as good. I also like to "doctor up" this recipe by topping it with low-fat sour cream or some shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Stirring in some cheese or the sour cream thickens it even more. There's just nothing better on a nippy fall night.

For some other variations, check out all the white chili recipes on MyRecipes. Let me know which ones are your favorites.