Shopping at Ikea can be overwhelming to say the least, so here are the must-grabs for your kitchen, according to our staff.

By Briana Riddock
Updated April 03, 2018
Credit: Ikea

Ikea is the adult equivalent of a never-ending candy store. Roaming through the maze of carefully curated home decor items can easily make even the most self-disciplined shopper excited to grab any and everything in sight… being selective about what goes into your basket is no easy feat at Ikea. Luckily, even if you do get a little grab-happy, you’ll likely go home with some fun new finds that are both stylish and functional—especially if you hit the kitchen and dining floor.

As avid cooks on the job and at home, we know well that the tools used to prepare and enjoy your food are just as important as the ingredients going into a meal. Thus, we feel fairly confident endorsing the following everyday kitchen items as versatile and valuable assets to any kitchen collection. Here are 13 practical products from Ikea that our staffers love using in their personal kitchens.

Credit: Ikea


ELLY Dish towel, 4-pack, $3.99

Honestly, good dish towels (and plenty of them!) are just about as essential to a functional kitchen as any other tool. These simple white and navy dish towels can serve any number of functions in the kitchen—from cleaning and drying to serving as decorative napkins or bread bowl liners. The multi-pack includes 4 different modern designs.

Credit: Ikea


PRUTA Food container, set of 17, $5.99

Between toting a packed lunch to and from work and sending leftovers home with guests after your latest dinner party, plastic containers (with matching lids) always seem to be in short supply. Keep yourself well stocked by investing in this affordable variety pack, containing 17 food containers.

Credit: Ikea


TILLSTÄLLNING, Napkin holder, $6.99

This brass geometric-shaped napkin holder has a beautifully sleek design that makes any plain paper napkins look like a stylish display. Keep the eye-catching metallic accent out on your kitchen table or counter as an easy way to bring personality into your kitchen.

GRIPANDE, 2-piece salad server set, $5.99

Serve your salad in style with these bamboo serving utensils. The simple, yet stylish, design of the serving spoon and fork features exposed bamboo grain at the heads and white painted handles.

GLATTIS, Coasters with holder, 6-pack, $6.99

Don’t let pesky water rings ruin your furniture; protect any wooden surfaces with these round, brass colored coasters. The coasters come with a nifty holder where they can be stacked neatly in place once all the drinks are gone.

UPPHETTA, Coffee/tea maker, $7.99

Save yourself a few bucks each week by making a making your morning coffee at home with this easy-to-use French press. Simply scoop ground coffee into the press, add hot water to steep, and press the handle down for a richly flavored, personal pot of coffee.

TRYGG, Glass serving bowl, $2.49

This versatile serving bowl is perfect for anything from holding a leafy green salad to mixing up your family’s special yellow cake recipe. The bowl is crystal clear making it ideal to proof bread dough or to store your fresh fruits in.

Credit: Ikea


ÄDELSTEN, Mortar and Pestel, $14.99

Freshly crushed spices and herbs are always better than their pre-ground counterparts, especially when you’re using this beautiful black mortar and pestel set. Both ends of the reversible mortar and can be used to ground any number of spices easily.

RÖRT, Wooden Spoon, $1.79/each

The wooden spoon is an imperative tool to have in any kitchen—for scraping browned bits off the bottom of a pan as it deglazes, gently stirring when using nonstick cookware, and any number of jobs in between. Because these beech spoons are super inexpensive, you can gift them to others as part of a housewarming present or as a token of appreciation to your dinner host.

DROPPAR, jars with lids series, $2.99 to $9.99

The Droppar jar series features various sized glass jars with stainless-steel lids that make for an easy, aesthetically pleasing way to store your pantry staples such as flour, sugar, grains and spices.

Credit: Ikea


APTITLIG, Butcher block, $14.99

The multi-purpose butcher block can certainly be used as an everyday surface to chop meats and/or vegetables, but can also be transitioned into a serving board for an impressive crudite platter or cheeseboard.

Credit: Ikea


FINTORP, Magnetic knife rack, $12.99

A magnetic knife rack is the perfect replacement for a bulky knife block crowding up your counterspace. Place all of your commonly used knives on this rack for easy access and an impressive display.

INTRESSANT, Spice mill, $14.99

The aroma of freshly cracked pepper might make you sneeze, but the flavor and punch of fresh peppercorns is unmatched. This spice mill makes it easy to add just the right peppery punch or finishing touch to any meal.