Let's face it, anything with the word icebox in the name makes you think of your grandma's kitchen and those stories about milk showing up at your door in glass containers.

While some of those recipes might have fallen by the wayside, a notable few have grown more and more popular. Our favorite? The Icebox Dinner Roll.


Icebox Dinner Rolls are a great grandchild of French bread recipes back when French bread was made into rolls as well as loaves. We can only assume that this recipe has stayed so popular because it requires little to no kneading. This recipe calls for only one minute of kneading, which is hardly enough time to get your aggression out or have an excuse to watch the latest Housewives foibles.

Why are they called "icebox" rolls? That part is simple-- you let the dough rise in the fridge overnight, or up to a whole day. In years past, they kept dough in the fridge for days on end, which explains why my grandma was always able to serve fresh dinner rolls, and why my dad could brag about that for about five decades as we defrosted the Sister Schubert's.

I make Icebox Dinner Rolls, or some variation, on most holidays, so I'll be breaking out my big bowl this weekend to celebrate Easter!

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel