Remember how you used to dream of snow? I grew up in Alabama, so my dreams were pretty routinely crushed and I'd wake up in tears as I was forced to go to school, again, and play outside, again.

Some of you this week are likely dreaming of snow plows and tropical vacations. In honor of our "make the most of it" mentality (and perhaps spring you from mental boredom), we're suggesting you bring back a classic: Snow Cream.

It is suggested that Snow Cream is basically as old as snow and sugar, the two main ingredients to the snow cream dessert. Making the treat is simple: gather (clean!) snow, add sugar, top with a flavoring agent (ginger, flavored syrup, or, if you're really lucky, those bottles of neon snow cone flavors), let congeal, and enjoy.

The trick to this dessert, of course, is to fine "clean" snow. Those of you snuggled up in high rise buildings are unlikely to start munching on handfuls of fire escape ice cream, so we proposed an alternative: Snow Cream that doesn't require snow.


This recipe, calling for three simple ingredients (milk, sugar, and vanilla), is the lazy man's ice cream, if you can call using an actual ice cream maker like those other recipes do "not lazy". In this snow cream recipe, you mix the magic trio together, freeze it (in the freezer or by setting it outside in a Polar Vortex), then scrape it with a fork until it's fluffy.

Plus, don't think we didn't give ourselves extra points for a recipe name that also clearly qualifies at a Throwback. If you can honestly say that you read that recipe name without hearing the downbeat start in your head, then you're a better person than I am.

Already tried this recipes and you're still snowed in? Try mixing in pureed apples, lemons, or oranges for a nice 17th century-inspired twist. Now get back to shoveling, friends, and stay warm!

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel