I never thought my love of cake and literature would combine any better than when I smeared icing on Unbroken as I frantically turned the pages to figure out what happened next. Until now.

Have you met Lane Cake? She's quite the lady.


This fantastic layer cake recipe came into being in the late 1800's, then hit it big in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, when it got Scout drunk. How can a harmless cake do that? Well this charming lady has half a cup of bourbon in her filling. Hiccup.

As Scout says in the classic novel, "Miss Maudie Atkinson baked a Lane Cake so loaded with shinny it made me tight." Did you know "shinny" was slang for liquor? Try it out on your local barkeep and see where it gets you.

Known as Prize Cake or Alabama Lane Cake, the Lane Cake, ironically, came out of Georgia, when an Alabama resident took first prize with it in a Columbus, Georgia fair. That fair lady, Emma Rylander Lane, published her very clear cookbook, Some Good Things To Eat, in 1898 and included the recipe for Prize Cake, now known as Lane Cake. From our research, it seems that the only must-have ingredient is bourbon in the filling. Thank you, Ms. Lane!

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel