There was a time when hot dogs were the thing to serve for just about every occasion that even one child might attend. No children at the event? No problem! Just start calling the hot dogs "pigs in a blanket" or "cocktail wieners".

If you have a secret hankering for hot dogs, Halloween is the perfect time to bring them back. We've got two fabulous, fun recipes that will have you bumping up the dogs to top of the menu.

First up? Mummy Dogs:


We can't get enough of these too cute, too fun one-handed meals. The biggest problem plaguing those who want to eat at a cocktail party is balancing a beverage and a snack. These one-hand, multi-bite wonders take care of that easily.

Want to up your game? Try Mummy Hot Dogs:


While they have almost an identical ingredient list, the presentation if completely different. If we had to pick, we're always partial to Halloween food with eyes.

What Halloween favorites are you bringing back this year?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel