It's time we put these addicting videos to the test.
Homemade Vs Interent S1E1 Still

If you have literally ever perused any social media platform (if this disqualifies you, I’m concerned), you’ve probably watched a recipe demo video. Hands that are seemingly detached from a real living and breathing human’s body lunge in, chopping herbs, dumping flour, whisking eggs, and flipping burgers until all of sudden...voilà! In 30 seconds, you’ve watched a full meal come together in a squeaky clean frame right before your very eyes. Isn’t the Internet awesome?

Well, yes, it is. But the reality of these oddly soothing recipe videos is that they are not reality. Nobody, I mean nobody actually cooks like this. Mise en place in crystal clear prep bowls? Nope! Beautiful props and state-of-the-art appliances? We wish! Perfectly lit and styled to the utmost mouthwatering potential? No time for that! And of course, that time lapse. You’ve lost your damn mind if you genuinely believe that easy chicken dinner is going to be on the table in the same 47 seconds it took you to watch that seamless video. Moral of the story, the cooking reality that we live in is much different from the virtual reality of these short bits.

This precise disconnect between Internet cooking and homemade cooking has been put to the test in a new Facebook Spotlight series called Homemade vs. The Internet. In this engaging cooking series, a professionally-trained chef, Robin Bashinsky, and a millennial food writer, Sara Tane (it me) face off in the kitchen, and put these videos to the test. We get to watch said recipe video one time and one time only, and then it’s up to us to recreate what we saw in the video.

If we get stumped along the way (spoiler: WE DO), we get to use one 60-second lifeline, whether that’s talking to a coworker, looking something up online, or what have you. At the end, we wind down with a pow-wow and discuss, between the two of us, who did it better. If we’re torn and it goes to a tiebreaker, we’ll call in our fellow colleagues, and let their votes decide the winner.

From wacky pizza crusts to outlandishly colored baked goods, it’s safe to say that we’re both somewhat out of our elements at times. Regardless, tune in to watch us work our way through these fast-paced recipe videos in hopes to create something delicious and come out triumphant. Throw us a line in the comments about what you’d like to us to make next, what you thought of the episode, and what you might have done differently. Because at the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying to bring these marvelous Internet wonders to the plate in front of us?

Follow along by liking the Homemade vs. The Internet page on Facebook, and be sure to tune in weekly to catch the latest episode, get behind the scenes commentary, and chat with Robin and myself after the show.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane