If you were anything like me, you had a parent who lovingly made homemade dinners for you, made sure you had a lunch (or at least money!) for school, and even treated you to a homemade cookie or cake now and again.

However, if you were really anything like me, you also begged that loving parent to pleasepleasePLEASE order pizza, pick up Lunchables at the store, and stop for a ice cream cone from McDonalds. Mom, I'm sorry.

For those of us who craved blue-box mac n cheese and "just add beef" dinners, there's a grown-up solution for that which doesn't require a trip to the store:


To be clear, you will have to add your own ingredients to this recipe, and there's even a hidden shredded carrot tucked into that casserole goodness, but we can assure you that this recipe will live up to your visions of nostalgia with which you view your fresh-from-the-box dinners of yesteryear.

The next time your noodles-only eater turns his nose up at the thought of dinner, surprise him with this macaroni casserole.

...maybe don't tell him about the carrot.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel