Turn this classic freezer aisle treat in a parent-approved snack that your kids will love.

Briana Riddock
July 20, 2018
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Remember running indoors to grab one of those ultra sweet and rainbow-vibrant, tubular ice pops roughly every afternoon during the summer months? The seemingly unlimited stash in the freezer was one of the many simple, but magical, delights of being a kid on summer break (well, until your favorite color ran out). They were cheap and only required a few hours in the freezer before they were ready to enjoy; of course, our parents stocked them as an easy, kid-approved treat. Now you can share the same sweet summertime pleasure with your kids, but with a fraction of the sugar (and none of the food dye) by making an easy, DIY version of the classic freezer pops with these disposable popsicle zip-top bags.

These convenient baggies allow you to make a healthy, portable breakfast or snack that your kids will actually be excited about. They’re nontoxic and BPA-free, meaning you can hand them over to your kids with no worries. For a nutrient-packed, anytime treat, fill the baggies with a blended smoothie made with their favorite fruits and maybe a few discreet vegetables. It’s an easy way to get the good stuff in their system without a fuss. Even the pickiest eater can’t resist a sweet, ice cold push-pop on a hot day. There’s no better way to hide kale or spinach than in a vibrant green smoothie that’s transformed into a cooling dessert-like snack. Make endless varieties of portable pops by blending Greek yogurt, your choice of produce, and a touch of sweetener, such as agave nectar or maple syrup, then pour into the baggies and freeze. By making these treats at home you not only have more control of the amount of sugar that your child is consuming, but you can also make their ice pops into an opportunity to pack in a serving of fresh produce.

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The kit comes with a funnel to easily distribute whatever liquid you fill the molds with, eliminating a potentially messy situation. Filling the bags can be a fun kitchen activity to include older kids on. Just be sure not to overfill the tubes, leaving a little breathing room for the filling to expand as it freezes. Once they are all filled, lay flat on a rimmed baking sheet and place in the freezer to ensure even freezing.  

Of course, once you’ve made a batch for the kiddos, you can try filling the ice pop bags with a more adult concoction. According to one reviewer, he filled each tube with about a shot’s worth of liquor followed by juice for a boozy, slushie-textured pop. Turn your mimosas and bellinis into frozen pops for your next brunch get together for a fun twist on the nostalgic treat. DIY boozy pops are also a fun addition to serve at cookouts, tailgates, or even a casual day by the pool. Test out your favorite cocktails, such as a G&T or rum and Coke, in frozen pop form. Another Amazon reviewer left their personal recipe for Basil Mint Mojito Pops that we can’t wait to try.

You can find these disposable popsicle zip-top bags on Amazon in a 125-pack for $9.95.    

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