And they’re keto-friendly!


ICYMI: People really love ranch.

The creamy sauce, which has surpassed ketchup as millennials’ favorite condiment, is kind of having a moment right now—and Hidden Valley is taking advantage of it.

It seems like the brand is releasing new products left and right.

The latest addition to the super successful product line? Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauces.

According to the brand, the restaurant-inspired sauces will come in Spicy, Smokehouse, and Original flavors. They’re intended to top a variety of foods, from French fries to tacos.

While Smokehouse (a barbecue-inspired blend of smoky buttermilk and herbs) and Original (which we assume tastes like classic ranch), certainly sound appealing, we’re most intrigued by the Spicy flavor.

“If you love tongue-tingling food that bites back, add a dab of Spicy Ranch flavor to your next meal,” according to the product description. “This creamy flavor bomb of a sauce comes in a handy squirt bottle, perfect for adding a kick of zesty heat to tacos and more.”

And that’s not all! The savory sauces will apparently fit into the keto diet. Hidden Valley even developed keto-friendly recipes to go with each flavor.

The sauces will hit Walmart shelves April 1.