"I’m dreaming of a white Christmas."

By Corey Williams
November 13, 2018
Hidden Valley

If you love Christmas, but wish it was a tad ranchier, you’re in luck—Hidden Valley pulled out all the stops for its holiday collection this year.

All the new products are fun and festive, but the real star of the show is this beautiful beast:

You heard it here first, folks: Blow-up Santas are out, inflatable condiment bottles are in. There’s even more good news! That paragon of classy yard decor can be yours for just $150.

If you don’t have $150 to spend on inflatables—or if that pesky homeowners’ association gets in your way—you can show your love for the best dressing ever with one of Hidden Valley’s seven other holiday-themed products:

Be the best dressed person at the holiday party with this sweatshirt:

Blue Holiday Sweatshirt, $50

Or with this one:

Green Holiday Sweatshirt, $50

Give the biggest Ranch Head in your life the greatest gift of all time.

Magnum of Ranch, $25

This tree topper is currently sold out, but hopefully Hidden Valley restocks it soon.

Tree Topper, $50

Make sure your ranch-passion is on full display with this ornament set.

Bottle & Shaker Ornament Set, $20

Subtly display your favorite flavor with the best wrapping paper of all time.

Wrapping Paper Kit, $25

If this ranch snow globe doesn’t give you holiday feels, you’re probably the Grinch.

Snow Globe, $50