It's like chocolate, but the opposite.

Time has lost all semblance of meaning. At least that’s the only reason I can think of to explain why we’re getting announcements of both Halloween and Christmas-themed products during the same week.

Well, no matter whether you’re ready for December or still can’t believe we made it past March, you should know about a new set of sugar cookie-flavored Hershey’s Kisses recently posted by @CandyHunting, who found out about them through some sort of premature posting on grocery chain Meijer’s website.

Wrapped in aluminum foil adorned with the kinds of shapes that often make up Christmas cookies, each special Kiss consists of a sugar cookie-flavored white creme, complete with red and green cookie pieces. In essence, it’s everything you like about a plate of sugar cookies around the holidays, except without having to turn on an oven or exchange baked goods with your neighbors.

But really, though, these could be a great addition to any holiday baking projects (since we all know the world won’t be normal by then). These sugar cookie kisses pave the way for a potential new spin on those peanut butter blossoms that place a standard-issue Hershey’s Kiss in the middle. I’m not sure how swapping in a sugar cookie flavor would taste but I’m sure someone out there will be finding out soon enough.

We probably won’t get to find out just yet, as @CandyHunting’s caption sure makes it sound like Meijer let some details about these Kisses slip a bit too early. Expect them to more likely hit shelves sometime in November or late October, since Halloween candy deserves its time to shine first. The holiday season is probably going to be weird and different no matter what, but at the very least we can try some new Hershey's Kisses in the process. Beats a lump of coal, I guess.