When the nutrition experts advise us to eat more fish to keep our hearts healthy, they don't mean eating more fried fish sandwiches. But this oven-baked version will get the nod of approval from nutrition gurus. And you don't really have an excuse for not making it because it only takes 15 minutes!

The recipe calls for grouper, but if you can't find grouper, you can substitute mahimahi, snapper or halibut. The cornmeal coating on the fish fillets gives the fish its crispy exterior and nice golden color and results in a piece of fish that's pretty close to the deep-fried version, minus the fat!

I also like this low-fat homemade tartar sauce. It's super-easy to make with mayonnaise, green onions, pickle relish and capers and really adds great flavor to the sandwich. Here's a healthy fish sandwich recipe that's good for your heart and takes only 15 minutes to prepare. That's what I call dinner!