Holy guacamole.
giant avocado
Credit: Twitter u/Hawaii Insider

A Hawaii man is growing really big avocados. Like really big. Like newborn-human-baby-big.

Apparently Hōlualoa farmer Kenji Fukumitsu has been bringing his freakishly large avocados to Urgent Care of Kona for years.

“Every month or so we would hear a big clunk, and there’s a bag or a box of at least 20 or 30 avocados,” said Dr. Joy McElroy said to Big Island Video News. “At least 6 pounds each, even bigger. And it occurred to us that this is not normal. This is very special.”

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The Urgent Care of Kona staff decided these avocados must be breaking some sort of record. Turns out, they were right.

According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest was over 4 pounds and was registered in Venezuela

However, the current record holder for heaviest avocado belongs to Hawaii resident Felicidad Pasalo, who grew an avocado that weighed 5 lbs 8 oz.

“This baby is 6 pounds!” McElroy said. “We contacted Guinness, got online. The problem is they have to have someone to authentic [the record], which takes 12 weeks. Well, this baby isn’t going to last 12 weeks, so that’s why we called the news. This is newsworthy!”

Fukumitsu says his avocados aren’t in short supply.

“We had so much, all falling down,” he said. “And the pigs eating it, so I share them with some of our friends. If you eat it during November month, they’re very watery. But after that, it’s good.”’

Fukumitsu says his giant avocado-producing tree was planted by his oldest brother in the early ‘40s.

When a reporter asked the question on everyone’s minds—what exactly makes them so big—Fukumitsu answered simply: “That, I don’t know.”