It became a best-seller overnight
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Around this time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas get all the attention. And it’s fair to focus on prepping the perfect turkey or baking batches of sugar cookies, but you have to eat all the rest of the holiday season, too.

One of the superstars of speedy weeknight dinners is ground beef. Budget-friendly and filled with flavor, ground beef easily transforms into a whole host of last-minute meals, including chili, casseroles, tacos, and more. And for the easiest, quickest way to cook it, Amazon shoppers swear by a $5 tool. The Good Cook Hamburger Meat Chopper has an impressive 4.8-star rating and jumped over 100 spots in the site’s movers and shakers department this week.

Good Cook 25739 Touch High-Temp Hamburger Meat Chopper
Credit: Amazon


To buy: $5;

The Good Cook Hamburger Meat Chopper is not only Amazon’s best-selling spatula, but also the retailer’s top-ranked meat grinder. More than 1,600 reviewers rated the tool five stars, raving about how durable and easy it is to use when they’re in a hurry.

“I’m not usually a fan of tools that only do one job, but this one is awesome,” wrote one user. “We make so many meals with ground meat in my family and this tool breaks it all up in about 30 seconds and that in turn aids in fast and even cooking. Truly something I didn’t know I needed so much.”

Made with a nonstick nylon, the spatula has a five-blade head perfect for breaking up and mixing ground beef directly in the pan so that everything cooks evenly. It’s designed to handle temperatures up to 400 degrees, and features a comfortable grip complete with thumb rest.

Reviewers also explain how the spatula’s nylon head keeps their cookware scratch-free. “I got this to make browning ground beef as simple as it ought to be,” one said. “You just use a chopping motion right in your frying pan, so you don't have to break it up with your hands but also don't damage your nonstick pot by scratching it.”

While the spatula excels in breaking up ground beef, users have added that it easily chops up tomatoes, tofu, cauliflower, strawberries, and more. But, most importantly, the tool makes cooking fun.

“OMG this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I was so excited to find this exists, and it is now my favorite cooking utensil,” a shopper wrote. “Amazing how something so simple can turn a tedious job (endlessly breaking up ground meat as it cooks) into an almost-fun task. We love ‘Taco Tuesdays’ in our house (a meal all of our kids will actually eat, amazing!) and so it gets lots of use. If you are at all considering buying this to make your life a tad bit simpler, then I highly recommend!”

The best part? It costs just under $5. So, chop chop! Add the Good Cook Hamburger Meat Chopper to your Amazon cart now for easy weeknight dinners ASAP.