Confession: Yesterday, in the shower, I started singing about Christmas carols. That's right. Forget Halloween. Thanksgiving, who? My brain has skipped directly to Christmas.

So it's with great effort that I'm intentionally pulling myself back to reality and the joy that comes in knowing there is only one month left until I indulge in my annual dosage of "cream of" soup casserole.

What is "cream of" soup casserole, you ask? Why, it can be anything! I prefer my annual allotment to be in the form of the classic green bean casserole side dish recipe:


Ever since I could serve my own plate at Grandma's Sunday suppers, I have been a huge side dish fan and holidays prove to be no exception. With apologies to turkey, half hams, and beef tenderloins everywhere, I can find you pretty much any day of the week. In contrast, there are pretty much only two times in a year that I can find my precious "cream of" casseroles and the scandalicious things people do to sweet potatoes when they put them in a baking dish.

While "cream of" dishes are typically an 80s-inspired lot, coming into fruition with the advent of convenience products, I'm pretty sure they're making a comeback. And unofficial poll of my Pinterest feed shows that people are posting how to make homemade "cream of" bases for soups and casseroles, which pretty much means we've come full circle in this experiment.

True, "cream of" ingredients have found their way into various everyday dishes, and certainly some crock pots. I even found "cream of" in my favorite Taco Soup recipe (potato, if you must know). But there's still something oh-so holiday about gathering around the kitchen island with a can opener and a spatula and waiting for that "slooping" sound of the "cream of" goodness making its way into the green bean concoction.

What's your favorite way to experience "cream of" soups?  What recipes do you want to learn about? Come back each Thursday as we revisit the classics in our recipe collection!

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel