Several years ago when my husband was following a low-carb diet, he often bought a package of beef jerky as a snack when we were on the road. I tried to like it but always found it to be sort of tough and too salty. So when a friend of mine recently told me about Golden Island Jerky, I was a little bit skeptical.

I'm happy to report that this jerky was not too chewy, not too salty, and actually tasted pretty good! According to the the company's website, their products are made with whole cuts of meat and they use no preservatives. One serving of jerky has up to 8 grams of protein and the Golden Island products have 40-60% less sodium than most other jerkies.

The MyRecipes team sampled several of the flavors --Hickory Black Pepper, Teriyaki, Korean Barbecue, and Mandarin Orange--and the group favorite seemed to be the Hickory Black Pepper. Comments on the barbecue flavor and the teriyaki were that these flavors were a "little too sweet".

These gourmet jerky products are a great option for snacking when you're on the road, especially if you are looking for a protein-packed snack that's easy to tuck into a travel bag. If you're already a jerky fan, I know you'll like these jerkies. If not, you might want to give beef or pork jerky a second look.

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