Now that’s a big burger.
golden giant burger
Credit: Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Japan is getting a new emperor on May 1 and the chefs at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo are celebrating in the best and biggest way they know how: with this crazy massive and crazy expensive burger.

Topped with wagyu steak, foie gras, and truffles, the Golden Giant Burger measures 10 inches wide and weighs more than 6 pounds. Oh, yeah—did I mention that there is literal gold on the bun?

Though the whole thing costs 100,000 yen ($900 USD), it’s intended to be shared among six people. If you abide by the serving size, that comes out to $150 per person. Which, if you’re unfamiliar with current hamburger prices, is a bit more than they usually run.

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You may be wondering why this occasion warrants the creation of this monster. Well, this new emperor is a pretty big deal for Japan:

When Emperor Akihito steps down, he’ll be succeeded by his son, Crown Prince Naruhito. This change will end the Heisei era and begin a new period in Japanese history called Reiwa.

So, yeah—this is the end of an era, folks. That calls for a pretty big burger if you ask me.

The burger comes with a salad, French fries, and a magnum-size bottle of wine.

If you happen to be in Tokyo between now and June 30, you might want to check this thing out—just make sure to bring a friend (or six).