The best products to incorporate your sweet tooth into a fun everyday look—and we won’t judge you for licking your lips more than just once or twice.
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We simply can’t ignore rockstar beauty collaborations—and today, it’s Momofuku Milk Bar that’s nodding to all ‘90s kids who used to gush over sugary ChapStick flavors by joining forces with Glossier, the beauty brand with fan favorites like mint, rose, and cherry-flavored lip balms.

Glossier is adding this Birthday Balm to it’s line of lip balms (Balm DotCom) inspired by the New York-based sweets shop that has people clamoring for soft serves, cakes, cookies, and other delectable treats.

The new “Birthday” skin salve leaves behind a shimmery base of intoxicating vanilla tones and dazzling glitter that can be the sugar fix you need post-lunch—and what’s more is that, just like the rest of the line of Glossier’s lip balms, the product is full of antioxidants and consists mostly of beeswax.

Why stop there? For dessert queens who simply can’t help themselves but to want the best tasting products in their makeup routine, it’s these 5 sugary sweet cake items you need to checkout.

1. GlossierBirthday Balm Dotcom

Credit: Photo courtesy of reenouge/Instagram

Regardless of whether it’s your birthday, you definitely need Glossier’s new balm in your beauty arsenal—for a sticky sweet pick-me-up or even as a game-changer for a dramatic eyelid.

2. CakedJelly Lipstick

Credit: Photo courtesy of Caked Makeup

Looking to have the fresh scent of birthday cake lingering just beneath your nose all day long? Try this head-turning neon purple matte lipstick by Caked Makeup, where all products are vegan & Certified Cruelty-Free.

3. LancômeJuicy Shaker

Credit: Photo courtesy of Sephora

For a subtle wash of color and a nourishing blend of five different oils, this lip balm is applied after you shake the bottle like a cocktail—and the Piece of Cake flavor will rival any birthday cake you’ve tasted lately.

4. SunKissed BeautyBirthday Cake Lip Scrub & Balm

Credit: Photo courtesy of SunKissedBeautyShop/Etsy

A great gift for those who share your obsession with cake-flavored makeup, this cheap find from Etsy is cleanly composed of pure cane sugar, unrefined coconut oil, honey, and aloe.

5. Carol’s Daughter ­– Angel Food Cake Body Cleansing Cream

Credit: Photo courtesy of HSN

Envelope yourself in the best scent ever—angel food cake—with this buttery-smooth cleansing cream available at HSN.

6. Lip SmackerBirthday Cake Balm

Credit: Photo courtesy of

The classic OG from your childhood, and a fun, cheap and accessible option for those who are looking for a quick vanilla-crème sugar rush right now.