Festive shapes and a festive taste team up to celebrate the holiday season.

At this point, it seems like the Oreo is just a blank canvas upon which to layer other flavors. Though the original still stands out in its own right, the verifiable explosion of additional Oreo options has broadened the definition of the cookie over time, with its cookie and creme format the only singular characteristic that all Oreos can be said to share in common.

Case in point: the holiday season will mark the return of Gingerbread Oreos, as evidenced by an Instagram discovery by @DnCSnacksterz.

Yes, friends, it looks like you can already find certain packs of Gingerbread Oreos at particular Walgreens locations (at least in Staten Island). Boasting “5 festive designs” and boasting a gingerbread-flavored cookie and a creme imbued with sugar crystals, this Oreo variation is fit for the holiday season both in terms of its form and function.

Of course, devoted Oreo obsessives might recall that this isn’t the first time that Nabisco’s top cookie has gone gingerbread. The last time around, though, it looked like the emphasis was on gingerbread-flavored creme rather than a gingerbread-flavored cookie. Based on everything I know about gingerbread cookies (experience that consists almost entirely of eating them), I’d say opting for a cookie that replicates the flavor makes a bit more sense—and they sure make a lot more sense than a gingerbread soda.

So if you somehow get roped into any kind of holiday cookie exchange (which may or may not involve mailing cookies to people this year) against your will, you could probably do worse than offering these Oreos. Because not only do they look the part, they probably taste pretty good too. Just make sure to hide the packaging and you legitimately might be able to trick some people. Good luck.