If you're seeking the perfect gift for a gin-thusiast, you've come to the right place.

By Briana Riddock
Updated March 20, 2018
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Credit: Photo by Unsplash user Jez Timms

Gin and tonic enthusiasts generally feel quite passionate about their drink of choice. It’s an excellent go-to cocktail—simple and delightfully refreshing—and it will rarely let you down. Even if you do occasionally branch out to other beverages, the classic G&T is like that one and only reliable friend, who you can call on no matter what. Though straightforward in nature, the flexible drink can be infused with additional aromatics or spruced up with a flavored tonic water. All of which is to say, the gin and tonic drinker is a cool, classy customer; thus, when it comes to sipping a G&T, only the finest accessories to enhance the drinking experience will do. Here are a few gin-spired items that you and/or the gin-thusiasts in your life deserve.

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1. The Tonic Trio by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

$27, Amazon

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.’s line of tonics allows you to make a classic or flavored tonic water on the spot with three concentrated quinine syrups (quinine is what gives tonic water its signature bitter taste). You can stick to a good ole’ classic tonic for your G&T, give it a floral touch with the elderflower, or even go extra bitter if you prefer.

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Credit: Amazon


2. The Carry On Cocktail Kit

$24, Amazon

Don’t let catching a flight stop you from enjoying happy hour. This carry on cocktail kit includes a small spoon, tonic syrup, and a ½ ounce jigger. You will have to request gin and soda/seltzer water on the flight, where you can mix up the drink right in your seat. No worries about getting the kit pass airport security, it’s TSA-approved.

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Credit: Amazon


3. Gin & Tonic: The Complete Guide for the Perfect Mix

$24, Amazon

Everything that you ever wanted to know about the magical combination of gin and tonic is compiled in this informative book, written by gin expert Frederic Du Bois. Learn the history behind this boozy concoction, along with recipes for delicious twists on the classic drink.

Gin and Tonic Tea.jpg
Credit: Amazon


4. Gin and Tonic Silky Tea Bags by Fortnum & Mason

$25, Amazon

Gin and tonic for breakfast might be a little much for the average person, but transferring the essence of the cocktail to a warm cup of tea is a far more digestible/socially acceptable option. The tea bags include green tea with a combination of juniper berries, coriander, fennel and lemon balm.

Gin and tonic tea towel .jpg

5. Gin and Tonic Tea Towel

$14, Trouva

This adorable tea towel showcases a “ginfo”-graphic design that celebrates all the most important components of gin, from the botanicals to how it is made. The towel has a blue, pink and green color scheme that would add a bright touch of cheer to any home bar cart.

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Credit: Amazon


6. Gin & Tonic Botanicals Brewing Kit

$23, Etsy

Enhance your favorite gin with fragrant botanicals with this easy-to-use kit that features star anise, rose petals, and cardamom blends for brewing. Experiment with mixing and matching the spices and simply swirl in a shot of gin to infuse the flavor within minutes.