Massive finger candy weighs in at more than a pound and a half
Credit: Bazooka Candy Brands

The Ring Pop was probably everyone’s introduction to oversize, garish, and edible jewelry. It’s one of the best candy accessories on the market, great for both feeling like a mobster with bad taste and getting a sugar fix.

Well if you already thought standard-sized Ring Pops were too large, you’ve got another thing coming. Starting November 1, you can get a fantastically oversized Ring Pop that’ll probably make you tip over if you attempt to actually wear it on your finger. It weighs in at 700 grams (more than 1.5 pounds), and is apparently equivalent to a 3,500-carat diamond in terms of its size. Except, you know, it’s made out of sugar.

According to both the timing of the release and a statement from Bazooka Candy Brand, the parent company of Ring Pop, it seems like the gargantuan confection is supposed to be a sort of holiday treat. “We are beyond excited to introduce Giant Ring Pop, as this will be a huge surprise for our fans this holiday season,” Senior Customer Marketing Manager Allison McCants said in a press release accessed by Delish. “Whether you grew up with memories of the iconic brand or looking for the ultimate holiday gift for that special someone, Giant Ring Pop is the perfect way to go BIG!”

So what’s the use-case for a Ring Pop that weighs more than a kitten? I suppose you could use it for finger strengthening exercises. It could also be a sweet way to tell someone you like them but— much like this ephemeral candy itself— aren’t necessarily ready to hold onto them forever. Or it just makes for a funny photo op.

Regardless of the impetus for your desire to purchase the oversized Ring Pop, you can find it at places like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, IT’SUGAR (who I’d like to have a word with about punctuation), and Dylan’s Candy Bar in time for the holiday season. Just don’t try to stuff this thing in someone’s stocking.