That's a lotta popcorn. 
giant popcorn
Credit: Instagram u/modelbaker

Attention, people who really, really like snacks: Costco is selling huge, toddler-sized bags of popcorn.

Instagram user Jackie Ho (@modelbaker) spotted the bags at her local store.

Ho was, understandably, quite excited about the find.

“You'll find me in bed with this baby and queued up on @netflix with all the classic and contemporary rom coms this week,” she captioned the photo of herself cradling the bag like a baby. “I cried watching Titanic last night. Also another Kate Winslet flick. Ugh. *sobs uncontrollably* Unlike Rose, I'll never let go.”

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The 22 oz. bag of "Nearly Naked" popcorn, made by Popcornopolis, contains more than a pound of popcorn. I’m not sure if you’ve ever held a regular bag of popcorn before, but one whole pound is a lot.

The ingredient list is incredibly simple: The recipe uses American-grown corn, coconut oil, and salt, a Popcornopolis spokesperson confirmed to Delish.

The enormous bags have been spotted at Costco locations in San Diego and Bay Area, California; Colorado, and Arizona.