It's a breakfast buffet by itself.

How much are you willing to pay for a bagel? If we’re talking the premium New York stuff made with the right kind of water, a few bucks for a fresh one with some (flavored) cream cheese is par for the course. And while NYC bagels might be getting bigger, they’ve got nothing on the size and price tag at one spot across the Hudson River in Hoboken.

That’s because New Jersey’s O’Bagel sells what can only be described as the bagel version of a six foot party sub. Spotted by Time Out New York, this yeast-based behemoth is the brainchild of O’bagel head chef and co-owner Stephen El-Hassan. According to the O’bagel website, their signature offering weighs in at a whopping 30 pounds. It looks like it probably requires four hands to carry, and definitely more stomachs than that to polish off before it goes stale.

As one would expect with a bagel that weighs as much as a toddler, this thing won’t come cheap. A plain, everything, or sesame bagel with no toppings whatsoever will set you back at least $45. If you want to turn this bad boy into your classic bacon, sausage, or turkey, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, you’re looking at a $95 price tag.

Other signature sandwich options, like the Pastrami-loaded “Watching Warrior or the “Ridge Diablo,” featuring New Jersey regional favorite Taylor Ham, will push things closer to a top price of $135. Pouring on what I can only imagine would be pounds of cream cheese runs a little bit less than that.

Obviously, ordering a breakfast sandwich that can be more expensive than some domestic flights is not to be done lightly. But given that this thing’s managed to stick on the menu since 2017, there must be enough demand for the tire-sized bagel from hungry Hobokenites to justify its existence.

So the next time you’re up in the Bagel Friday rotation at work, through your coworkers a curveball and give this thing a try. For once, you’ll have permission to cut a bagel into smaller slices. Just don’t even think about scooping it.