By Jessica Colyer
Updated June 01, 2016

The Mars Candy Company has been fairly busy here lately. With the unveiling of three new M&M's flavors earlier this spring (yep, we tried those) and their latest release of new products which include a new s'mores flavor of Crispy M&M's, a newly announced lineup of Dove Chocolate Sorbet Bars, and now, the most recently revealed Hazelnut Snickers and limited edition White Chocolate Twix. The new candy bars are expected to hit the mark for trending tastes and meet consumer demand for both flavors--because let's be honest, who couldn't use a little more chocolate variety in their lives? If the visual of a white chocolate Twix looks familiar, that's because it made its initial debut in the US back in 2005. It was a hugely popular product, and even incited a petition to bring it back.

Snickers Hazelnut / Mars Chocolate North America

Snickers Hazelnut / Mars Chocolate North America

In markets abroad, such as Australia, the Hazelnut Snickers bar isn't anything new, but in the U.S., Mars hopes to gain new ground through the release given a heightened consumer demand for the hazelnuts + chocolate combo. We can all probably give a big mental hug to Nutella for this. Excuse me as I go grab a spoonful...

White Chocolate Twix / Mars Chocolate North America

White Chocolate Twix / Mars Chocolate North America

The Hazelnut Snickers bar is expected to hit store shelves on December 5th of this year, but for those patiently waiting for the the comeback of the white chocolate twist on a Twix bar, they'll unfortunately have to wait a bit longer. There are many claims of this bar being available this year, but according to the product information on Mars website, we'll have to hold out until October of 2017. Worry not--you're covered. In the meantime, satisfy your white chocolate and/or hazelnut cravings with one [or all] of these killer homemade solutions:

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And OK, I confess, ever since Nutella entered the conversation, this legendary Nutella S'Mores Dip is all I've been thinking about... My personal suggestion is that you grab a bunch of friends, gather round this pot of goodness, and sit pretty until the arrival of these new candy bars that probably won't be as good as this, but we'll all inevitably end up trying anyway. Just remember, there's absolutely no shortage of solutions to an intense chocolate craving--just remain calm. All of the chocolate awaits.