A butcher is sharing his love of brats with tourists from around the world.
Credit: CHRISTOF STACHE/Getty Images

If you’re reading this right now and you’ve ever planned a vacation, there’s a good chance that food factored into your choice of destination. And with the ubiquity of AirBNB and a plethora of charming bed and breakfasts, there’s really not much of a reason to stay in a sterile, boring hotel room when you travel anymore. If you’re looking to cover both of those bases at once, and open to eating meat, an ingenious a B&B just outside of Nuremberg, Germany might be your best bet.

As its name implies, the Boebel Bratwurst Bed & Breakfast (BBB&B) is the world’s first sausaged-themed hotel. Owned and operated by Claus Boebel, a fourth-generation butcher who decided to open the unique spot, these carnal lodgings are located in a converted barn next door to his family’s butcher shop in the tiny German village of Rittersbach.

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The brat-dominant motif is an essential part of the B&B’s design aesthetics. Each room is adorned with colorful sausage-themed wallpaper. Beds feature headboards with the outline of a pig and sausage-shaped cushions. Even the bathrooms tie into the theme, thanks to sausage-shaped soaps. Sausage in its various forms even hangs on the walls, though it’s not clear if they’re edible.

It’s only been open for about six months, but Boebel has already seen his bed & breakfast bring curious tourists from all corners of the globe to a sleepy village that doesn’t usually see many visitors. "In the first four months, I ha[d] people from China, Japan, Nigeria, France, Italy, Sweden [and] Spain," he told CNN Travel, adding that he’s yet to have any issues with guests caught off guard by the emphasis on sausage.

Unsurprisingly, the menu at the hotel’s “wurst-urant” is a smorgasboard of sausage where Boebel showcases the versatile role that brats can play in both German and international cuisine. “I serve not steaks with onions—I serve bratwurst with onions. I serve not the German schnitzel, I serve bratwurst schnitzel,” he said. “I serve many different styles of bratwurst with chili, with horseradish, or with chocolate or coffee inside."

Why does Boebel do it? Not to strike it rich with a line of boutique hotels, but to connect with travelers interested in experiencing the best of all things wurst. That’s partly why guests can also take on-site cooking classes, providing Boebel a chance to pass on his family’s trade.

"I want to be the owner who talks with his guests and not only just the operator who want to earn money," he said. "If the seven rooms are fully booked I earn enough money.”

So if you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a sausage paradise and chat with an authentic German butcher, Boebel Bratwurst Bed & Breakfast is probably your best bet. Surely someone’s already scheming up a competing vegan-themed B&B at this very moment.