April 22, 2013
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With season 3 of HBO's increasingly popular "Game of Thrones" in full-swing - a must-watch every Sunday for Brent and me - we thought it would be fun to feature a recipe inspired by the hit novels/tv series on Mondays.  Luckily, the ladies over at Inn at the Crossroads, a popular "Game of Thrones" food blog, have compiled a cookbook called "A Feast of Ice & Fire".  Authors Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer have clearly put painstaking research into this cookbook, citing the actual text each food is mention in, finding recipes from the Middle Ages to match, and even including tips for "Stocking a Medieval Kitchen."  Plus, the cookbook is divided by regions from the fantasy setting for "Game of Thrones," so you can eat your way through Winterfell, King's Landing, Dorne, and beyond.

This week we're featuring Applecakes from The Wall:  "Jon was breaking his fast on applecakes and blood sausage when Samwell Tarly plopped himself down on the bench.  'I've been summoned to the sept,' Sam said in an excited whisper. 'They're passing me out of training.  I'm to be made a brother with the rest of you.  Can you believe it?'" (Game of Thrones).

As Monroe-Cassel and Lehrer describe, medieval applecakes are essentially fried doughnuts stuffed with an apple-and-spice mixture.  This recipe calls for a homemade dough, so be sure to allow plenty of time for the dough to rise properly.

Applecakes before frying

I actually think I let the dough rise too long, producing extra-thick doughnuts, but they were still tasty.  Next time I will roll the dough thinner and attempt to stuff a little extra apple mixture in each cake.  We enjoyed them dusted with a little confectioner's sugar and with a side of bacon and some simple scrambled eggs.  

Applecakes fried to golden brown