Let’s give them something to taco ‘bought.
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| Credit: Getty Images/Elijah Nouvelage

Social media has become grounds for so much more than promoting products—it's now a place where food chains take to their platforms to spread love to their customers and sass the haters. Since we love scrolling through our feed to read the latest 140 characters of carefully crafted poems and rants, we thought we'd share the love to remember all of the wonderful moments that have taken place in the wonderful world of Twitter. There's no doubt that the internet is home to wonderful world of food lovers.

We compiled a list of our all-time favorite food brands that run their Twitter accounts sometimes better than they serve their meals. Read, follow, and thank us later.

Taco Bell

Even if you’re not into cheese dusted tacos stuffed with meat and cheese (but how could you not be?), Taco Bell’s Twitter account @tacobell is a must follow. The fast food chain posts taco themed Etsy gifts, cute taco cartoons, and inspirational ways to live your best taco-filled life.


If there was Olympics for best fast food social media, Wendy’s Twitter account @Wendys would take the gold. Follow the account for the occasional rap battle against other fast food chains and hilarious responses to fan tweets (have you heard of the Wendy’s nugget boy?).


Arby’s Twitter account @Arbys truly knows how to play with their food. The page is full of adorable food photography with animated characters (think Pokemon, Mario Karts, and Magic School Bus) thrown right into the mix, plus ketchup art and the occasional customer decked out in Game of Thrones armor.


This isn’t always our go-to diner, but it’s definitely our favorite breakfast themed Twitter account. Follow Deny’s @DennysDiner for food puns, not-so-serious poems, and relatable questions that are literal “food for thought”.

Burger King

The burger chain is bringing some truly creative tweets on their @BurgerKing Twitter account. Whether it’s inspirational phrases cultivating your desire for burgers and fries, or simple one-liners that get your laughing, it’s a must follow page.


Follow Chick-fil-A’s Twitter account @ChickfilA for crazy football humor and relatable food-focused gifs (but not on Sundays).

Domino’s Pizza

Pizza is Domino’s one true love, so that’s probably why they have an entire Twitter account @Dominos dedicated to spreading the ooey gooey goodness all over the internet. For real- every Tweet has pizza.

White Castle

Scroll through White Castle’s Twitter @WhiteCastle for #TBT pictures of old restaurant storefronts, food humor, and Tweets that make you do a double take.


It’s hard not to love the Mexican fast-food joint, but their Twitter @ChipotleTweets is a hilarious list of burrito puns, odes to all things Mexican food, and usually an overload of guacamole pictures.


The fried chicken you know and love has a Twitter account @kfc that’s more about The Colonel than any of their menu items. He shares original KFC commercials and photos, plus cartoons and memes starring the white haired man himself.