If you haven't heard the news that Full House is making a comeback with its series premiere on Netflix, Fuller House, you just heard it here; and we could not be more thrilled! We're counting down the days with a fun game of -- if the Full House cast were food, what would they be? I mean if we didn't celebrate this 90's television revival, that would be a disgrace to our childhood or as Stephanie would say, "How rude."


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Danny Corn ChowderIt doesn't get much cornier than Danny Tanner. Though comforting, organized, tidy, and yet sometimes a bit bland, Danny T. is like a bowl full of chowder. We can't get enough of his hokey sense of humor (well maybe in moderation), much like this giant bowl of Chicken Corn Chowder.


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Jesse Elvis Presley WafflesRock and roll, legendary hair, and every girl's crush -- without question, Jesse Katsopolis would be, Skinny Elvis Waffles. Have mercy!


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Joey Sloppy Joey (AKA Sloppy Joes)Funny guy, Joey Gladstone, is always cracking a joke or our favorite Popeye impersonation. Because of that we dub him the not so serious, Sloppy Joe. Not only does his humor award him this sloppy sandwich, but also his messy habits. Cut it OUT!


D.J. Chicken ParmesanWe love D.J. for her sometimes melodramatic ways, while growing up the oldest of her two younger sisters, who can blame her? Throughout the episodes, we learn that Chicken Parmesan is D.J.'s all-time favorite food making her this sensational dish.

Joey: Deej, I made your favorite, Chicken Parmesan. Come here and check out this sauce.DJ: I… can’t. I just brushed my teeth.Jesse: Before dinner?DJ: Doesn’t anyone care about dental hygiene around here?


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Stephanie Hot DogKnown for her many Stephanie-isms, we declare Steph to be this cruncher-topped cookout dish. Also, known for snooping in other people's business and commonly spilling the "beans," there's no better comparison than this dog. Hot dog!


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Michelle Chocolate Lava CakeAdorable, little Michelle is as sweet as chocolate cake, similar to the one she devoured when Uncle Jesse brought home wedding cake samples. Hysterically unscripted at times, she's been known to be full of surprises - much like this lava cake once you cut into it. Chocolate cake? You got it, dude.

To show our excitement we're flashing back alongside the Tanner's with our all-time favorite food from the 90's. Because it really was all that and a bag of chips!


Homemade Toaster Pastries(This is what happens when a Pop Tart meets Dunkaroos!)

Make-Your-Own Mini Pizzas

Make your own Mini Pizzas(make-your-own Lunchables Pizza)