By MyRecipes Contributor, Martie Duncan

One of my favorite food memories and family holiday traditions with my mom growing up was when we'd make fruit cake cookies...


Mom would start our holiday baking the day after Thanksgiving and we'd make all the standard Southern holiday classics: Divinity, Peanut Butter Fudge, Peanut Brittle, Bourbon Balls and Fruit Cake Cookies. We were on a pretty tight budget so mom would pick up ingredients at the store over a few weeks before we started our holiday baking. I remember the anticipation of watching the shelf fill up with the candied fruit: pineapple, cherries (yes, even the green ones) and how excited I was when we finally got the last ingredient.

We would always make them on a Sunday afternoon once the dinner dishes were cleaned up. My mom would have me get the kitchen stool to stand on and she'd give me the top of her Tupperware cake carrier and a paring knife to cut up the candied fruit while she put together the rest of the ingredients. Once we got the batter mixed up, she'd give me two teaspoons and we'd drop the batter onto the cookie sheets to bake.

I still love those cookies... I'd pretend that the little peaks of red cherries peeking from the craggy tops were rubies and the green ones were emeralds.... that's why I call them Fruit Cake Gems. These cookies hold so many memories for me and even those people who think they don't like fruit cake love them. I still make them and always feel like my mom is still there with me.

Get the cookie recipe here.

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