Just when you thought ice pops coudn't get any better, they totally just did with these fruit-inspired ice pop molds. Super easy to use and clean, these cute pineapple and watermelon popsicle trays are just what you need for your next summer treat. Use your favorite seasonal produce and watch as it's transformed in the freezer to these cute-as-ever ice pops.
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Fruit-Shaped Ice Pop Molds
Fruit-Shaped Ice Pop Molds
| Credit: Sara Tane

Jamie Vespa

Call me basic, but I’ve got a serious thing for fruit-inspired accessories. I have had multiple friends say things to me along the lines of “I wasn’t sure what to get you for your birthday, so I just ordered this watermelon-shaped necklace. It’s so you.” And they’re right. For whatever reason, I have an unavoidable weakness any fruit-related product. Needless to say, when I laid my eyes on these Lékué pineapple- and watermelon- shaped ice pop molds, my lips started quivering and my hands started shaking out of pure excitement. My mind could not process the potential cuteness and trendiness that these molds could bring to my next batch of ice pops.

Now, one thing that I’ll say about making homemade ice pops is that it’s one of those undertakings that always seemed like a better idea before you started. You have to wait overnight (ugh!) for your pops to freeze up, and it usually involves the dirtying-up of a blender or food processor (both of which I never want to clean). And even sometimes after all of your patience and diligent work, your pops can still break or melt on the way out of their molds. Now THAT is a true heartbreaker.

So why bother with homemade pops if you can just buy them at the store? BECAUSE OF THESE POP MOLDS, of course. In fact, my experience with these were far from traumatic. In fact, it was quite good and something I would recommend to any other pop enthusiasts (whether they are as excited about fruit accessories as me or not). The silicone material is pliable and forgiving when taken out of the freezer, so there was no nerve-racking finagling to make sure that these pops made it out of their molds alive and well. They held their shape and stylistic indentations beautifully, making the ice pop-eating experience that much more summery and festive. Seriously, I cannot express enough that these sweet treats were freakin’ cute as a button. They are without a doubt worth the little extra trouble that goes along with homemade ice-pops. With an ice pop this adorable and tasty, the only thing left to do is add some booze.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane