When I was little, my grandma knew just what to make for each person at the dinner table to make them feel special. For my brother, it was creamed corn and caramel cake. For my dad, it was fried chicken and anything with whipped cream. My brother's then-girlfriend commented once how lovely the chicken tenders were and was presented with a heaping plate of them on each subsequent visit.

As for me? Fruit pizza was the ticket to my happiness. Grandma would work chopped pecans into melted butter for a heck of a crust, then top it with a mixture of creamed cheese and whipped cream. After a short chill in the fridge, she'd load it up with freshly sliced strawberries.

I still make it for myself, and my husband, but I find that I have to limit it to truly fresh strawberry season or I end up licking the dish clean every time.

Strawberry Pizza has evolved. I see it now served on a sugar cookie crust, or even over an open flame. Here are a few of my favorite variations.


Sugar cookie dough makes this pizza extra sweet. After reading the recipe, you'll be dying to make the Pineapple Curd!


Any pizza that uses melted chocolate chips as the base and binder for ripe fruit and a white chocolate drizzle is a must-try for me.Curious about my grandmother's Strawberry Pizza recipe? Don't worry, you'll find it below!


Crust:• 2 sticks margarine, melted

• 2 cups flour

• 1 c chopped nuts

Mix together and press into pizza or jelly roll pan. Bake 10 to 15 min at 350.

Cool completely

First Layer:

• 1-8oz softened cream cheese

• 3 c confectioners sugar

• 1 – 12 oz cool whip

• Mix all together. Spread on top of crust, leaving a raised edge

Second Layer:

• 1 qt. Sliced strawberries

• 1 pkg strawberry glaze

• Place on top of cream cheese. Spread glaze over top of strawberries. Chill. Inhale.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel