Don’t miss this sweet deal.

By Tim Nelson
Updated January 31, 2020

January is over. That means you’ve either totally abandoned whatever healthy habit you hoped to adopt this year, or else you deserve a little treat for making it through the first month of your journey. If you fall into either of those camps or are just the kind of person who likes a good deal on dessert, then you should know that The Cheesecake Factory is pretty much begging you to eat their namesake treat for free over the next two weeks.

That’s right: anyone who places an online pickup order totalling at least $30 can enter the wildly creative promo code “FREESLICE” between now and Wednesday, February 12th to receive one, well, free slice of The Cheesecake Factory’s namesake dessert. And oh boy do they have a lot of different types of Cheesecake. Maybe if you ask nice, they even have some old peppermint bark cheesecake still left over from Christmas.

The thirteen-day cheesecake giveaway is part of an effort to let people know that online ordering exists. Thanks to curbside service, you can still enjoy The Cheesecake Factory’s food without having to actually set foot inside and risk being seen there.

“So many of our guests enjoy the ease of placing their pickup orders online, and we’re so pleased to be treating them to a slice of cheesecake with their online order,” Cheesecake Factory Founder and CEO David Overton said in a press release. “We hope this will give all of our guests a sweet reason to try online ordering and experience the convenience firsthand.”

So if you’re ordering food for a bunch of people and want free cheesecake, go right ahead and get that order in by the 12th. Or you can just order $30 worth of cheesecake and get a little bit extra cheesecake for free. After all, they’re not called the Flatbread Pizza Factory.