A Thick Sauce that adds taste and saves time.

By Tim Nelson
February 25, 2020
Frank's RedHot

Buffalo. Ranch. Anyone who’s watched even one one quarter of a single sporting event there’s no better combination of tastes available. For eons, these two flavors have existed separately but symbiotically, often requiring eaters to dip a buffalo-smothered wing into the ranch to achieve peak deliciousness. It was a frustrating but ultimately worthwhile two-step process.

Finally, the food innovators at Frank’s RedHot have put their foot down and said: no more. According to Instagram evidence posted by @DadBodSnacks, they’ve taken matters into their own hands and created a combination “Thick Sauce” in a “Buffalo ‘n Ranch” flavor, the best two item combo punctuated like that since at least Guns N’ Roses.

According to Frank’s RedHot’s product description, this versatile dream condiment “might be all the sauce you will ever need,” noting how “it’s great for dipping, topping and cooking,” thanks to the blend of heat from the Frank’s RedHot base paired with creamy ranch.

Just think of it: spicy wings and chicken tendies that you don’t have to dip. A buffalo dip with an extra kick of flavor instantly layered in. Decadent mac and cheese with more flavor than anyone can handle. It looks like the list of uses for this buffaranch is as long as the Sauce is Thick. 

The release of Buffalo ‘n Ranch is another example of Frank’s RedHot’s surprisingly innovative product line. They’ll also sell you a bloody mary in a can, and they’ve even collaborated with Dunkin’ to put their hot sauce on a doughnut. Truly, what will they think of next?  

But for all that culinary creativity, there’s no denying that Buffalo ‘n Ranch ranks as the most practical of the bunch. And if you’re on the fence, just think of all the time you’ll save once your appetizers are all effectively pre-dipped in ranch. It simply boggles the mind. Sorry blue cheese people, but you’ve lost this round.