It’s safe to say 2019’s off to a good start.
Flamin' Hot Cheetos Are FINALLY Coming Back
Credit: @candyhunting

For almost 20 years, our Flamin’ Hot options have been limited--much too limited, if you ask me.

If you’re craving spicy hell dust, you’ve got one fiery red choice. Not in the mood for Cheetos? Sounds like you’re outta luck, pal.

Lucky for us, Frito-Lay has finally acknowledged that one Flamin’ Hot product is just not enough. That’s right: Flamin’ Hot Doritos are (almost) back, baby!

Several junk food bloggers, including @candyhunting and @markie_devo, have reported that the beloved ‘90s snack will be making a comeback in 2019.

The mouthwatering chips certainly have a cult following--fans have petitioned for the return of their favorite snack for years.

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“Frito-Lay sits back and makes countless weird, new flavors of Doritos that they discontinue within a year,” argues one petition. “They already have the Flamin' Hot flavor, it's not like they have to develop it.”

That’s not all: A Facebook page dedicated to the then-retired chips has existed since 2015.

According to whomever updates that page, Flamin’ Hot Doritos are set to be released this month.

We’ve reached out to Frito-Lay for confirmation, and we’ll let you know when we hear back.