You get a Fireball nip! And you get a Fireball nip!
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If there’s one thing you either really miss or definitely don’t miss about the fact that 2020 has closed bars, it might be Fireball shots. The cinnamon-flavored whisky is a popular but divisive drink you’ll often find at loud, rowdy bars, tailgates, and any other event where people who’ve accepted they’ll be hungover tomorrow tend to congregate.

If you’ve been missing the experience of being in a group and shouting at your friends that you love them while drinking Fireball, then maybe you’re the target market for this Fireball “Party Bucket” spotted at Sam’s Club by @SamsClubMembers on Instagram.

Featuring 20 unique 50-mililiter-sized nip bottles of spicy cinnamon whisky, the Fireball bucket features a short but instructive series of directions. Step 1: Buy. Step 2: Add ice. Step 3: Party. The missing step 4 is either “drink plenty of water” or “regret” depending on who you ask, but I guess that part is up to you.

According to the photo, it looks like this party-starting 20 pack retails for $13.98, so about $0.699 per Fireball nip, which is a nice deal for the 33% ABV beverage if you think about it. Assuming, you know, you enjoy the process of drinking Fireball. Ice is sold separately, but that’s a small price to pay to chill your individually bottled booze.

Credit: Sam's Club

Sam's Club

Though I’m probably not in the target demo, you have to admit that the Fireball Party Bucket is a pretty good idea right now. This makes it easier for everyone to get their share of booze without having to pass a bottle around and violate social distancing guidelines. So if there was ever a “healthy” way to get blasted on cinnamon whisky right now, this is probably it.

Apparently, the sign listing the price also notes that this is a “limited time only” offer, so make sure to secure the bucket before it’s too late. You never know when having a bunch of nips around just might come in handy.