The newest fermented flavors in Suja’s line of probiotic beverages are all kinds of refreshing.
Credit: Arielle Weg

Suja juice is adding three new melon flavors to their current collection probiotic drinking waters and juices, hitting shelves this August. With watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe juices joining the team, we felt it was time for a taste being that these newest varieties absolutely scream summer. The big distinguishing factor on these latest releases from Suja are that, beyond fresh fruit juiciness, each features fermented botanicals--like lemongrass, turmeric, and ginger. Some of these fermented additions won us over; others, not so much.

In a staff taste test, we found the juices were, across the board, super refreshing, and thought they’d make for perfect, not-too-sugary mixers for poolside sips. They’re a great option for anyone who wants a milder, sweeter alternative to kombucha, or a fun mixer for sparkling water or liquor.

All of Suja’s products, including their vegetable and fruit juices, probiotic waters, and drinking vinegars, are organic and cold pressure protected. This means they use high pressure instead of high heat when juicing their fruits and veggies, which keeps essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the bottle, according to the Suja website. Each beverage is just less than 100 calories and fat free.

These new drinks will debut in August 2017 in Whole Foods Markets, and will retail for $5.99. The company was kind enough to send us some samples to try. The MyRecipes team tested them and shared their opinions:

Suja Invigorate: Cantaloupe, fermented ginger, lime, and goji berry

What Our Editors Said:

“A bit more tart than I’d want a cantaloupe beverage to be. Pleasant faint gingery burn.”

“Not getting cantaloupe. Overpowering ginger.”

“Loving the ginger tingle. Not too sweet or too cantaloupey.”

“Love the ginger and not too sweet.”

Suja Gleaming: Honeydew, fermented turmeric, lime, baobab, and stevia

What Our Editors Said:

“Light and refreshing. Would definitely drink.”

“Like watered down pineapple juice.”

“Mild and refreshing. Tasty.”

“Light, lovely honeydew flavor.”

“So summery. I was worried about the Stevia, but it’s not too sweet.”

“Ooh, this is my favorite. Lime is awesome.”

Suja Radiate: Watermelon, fermented lemongrass, lime, and stevia,

What Our Editors Said:

“Light, refreshing, delicate lemongrass flavor. It doesn’t taste funky.”

“Tastes like juiced watermelon. Would go good with ice… and vodka.”

“Bright watermelon taste, just sweet enough.”

“Bright flavor. True watermelon, not fake. Would be great with some champagne.”

“Yummy! So good I’m dubious about the fermentation.”

“Tastes like watermelon juice. I like!”