If you love toaster waffles but not the toasting part.

By Tim Nelson
November 15, 2019

Back in my day, cereals stood on their own merits. They had plenty of sugar, lots of color, and kooky mascots, and that’s all we needed to be happy. Nowadays it seems that every new cereal hitting store shelves is, while technically meeting the definition of breakfast cereal, in fact an approximation of another food.

For the latest such example, we turn to Eggo Waffle Cereal, a breakfast treat back on store shelves for the first time since 2012. For those unfamiliar, this Kellogg’s cereal is essentially a shrunk-down version of the Eggo Waffle we all know and love, except you’re pouring it in a bowl and adding milk instead of jamming it into a toaster.

The exciting news is that this Honeycomb knockoff is available in not just one but two flavors, each of which attempts to approximate the experience of eating an actual Eggo waffle in its own way. First, there’s the classic Maple Flavored Homestyle, which is your standard breakfast Eggo with a splash of syrup. If that’s not kooky enough for you, there’s also a blueberry flavor for the fruity waffle freaks out there, complete with blue specks to reiterate that yes, you are eating a cereal that’s meant to look like a blueberry waffle.

Eggo Waffle joins the ranks of foods turned into breakfast cereals alongside Hershey’s kisses, Tim Hortons Timbits (Canada only) and Sour Patch Kids. Compared to recently-announced Twinkie cereal, this one earns points for at least being a different take on something you could eat for breakfast without violating some set of dietary norms.

The best part is that you don’t have to rush out and hoard boxes of this stuff, either. From what Kellogg’s indicates, this isn’t a limited-edition release, but a long-term return for the cereal that existed from 2006 to 2012 the first time around. So walk, don’t run, to your local Walmart, which is at least one place you’ll find these shrunken, shrink-wrapped Eggo waffles. Here’s hoping that the breakfast scientists of the world will figure out how to shrink down Toaster Strudels next.