The most important meal of the day gets sweeter and saltier.

These days, most of us non-essential folks (or at least those not responsible for home-schooling children) have had more time to make a nice breakfast than ever. But if you go by how much breakfast we’re ordering via Grubhub, it would seem that we’re not exactly following through on that. Baking aside, it seems like the main vibe these days is getting as much guilty pleasure-type food into our bodies with as little effort as possible.

With that in mind, you should definitely know about a new type of Eggo waffle that essentially turns breakfast into dessert with almost no effort required. What you’re looking at right here, courtesy of Instagram food finder @CandyHunting (who I guess is wearing PPE these days) is a suite of both Salted Caramel and Apple Cinnamon waffles.

Given that the Apple Cinnamon option is a fairly self-explanatory returning flavor, let’s focus our attention on this new, “Thick & Fluffy” treat. What you’re seeing here is a Belgian-style waffle that’s made with “a touch of sea salt” and some amount of caramel flavor to create a sweet, salty blend. Think of it as a different spin on that brilliant mix of syrup and butter that is the hallmark of any good waffle or pancake, except those elements are already baked into the waffle.

With more time at home and less of a reason to care about what we put into our bodies, there’s no rule saying you can only eat these Salted Caramel waffles for breakfast, either. I’d say they make a totally legitimate snack, or even dinner. Hell, use them as the template for a truly inspiring dessert. The old way of eating waffles is dead and a new world will be reborn from its ashes.

Anyways, it would seem that both of the @CandyHunting finds have been seen at Target, and you can likely find them at other retailers soon enough. Hopefully the Kellogg’s supply chain is strong enough that we won’t eventually run out of these things too.