Kellogg's has done it again, folks.
Kellogg's French Toast
Credit: Kellogg's

If you’re thinking, ‘Wait, haven’t I seen these before?’ you need to read it once more. We’re not talking Eggo French Toast Sticks. We’re talking full-scale, “thick and fluffy,” golden slices of classic French toast. And it doesn’t stop there. The rich, custard-soaked slices are made with a hint of Madagascar vanilla. Are you sold yet?

French toast is one of those breakfast dishes with just about one too many steps to make regularly during the week. Even if you crave the fluffy sensation of custardy, griddled toast every morning, it’s probably never made it into your weekday breakfast routine. Until now.

From what we can tell, the glorious slices can be heated in the toaster, microwave, or oven, and should be ready to eat within minutes of leaving the freezer.

CandyHunting was the first one with the scoop, posting this photo of the new packaging.

Kellogg’s has released very little information about the newest addition to their frozen breakfast line, but we’ll let you know how soon you can grab a box as more details are released.