Fall has to be my favorite season. Along with cooler days comes hearty dishes I love to cook. Maybe it's the Southern girl I am, but I associate comfort food with good memories. These are 3 of my all-time faves and why they are so comforting to me.


Ah, Chicken-Sausage Gumbo from Southern Living. My husband has always enjoyed hunting, and when we were dating, I wanted to impress him with a dish he could take with him to the hunting camp (and share with my future father-in-law). This one was perfect in every way! One dish, check. Easy to re-heat, check. And very easy to make, double check. If you haven't tried this one, it's definitely worth a shot this fall!


Casseroles may be my all-time favorite dishes to cook. And when I saw this Shrimp and Grits Casserole from Cooking Light, I was a skeptical. But we love the traditional dish, so I gave this modern one-dish take on it a-go. Creamy, cheesy, and all-around yummy is all I have to say. And ladies, my hubbie can smell a "light" recipe from a mile away, and this is 1 of only 2 (to date) that I've gotten past him. So, consider this dish husband approved.


Seriously, who doesn't like chili!? Though every region has its chili requirements (meat, no meat, beans, steak, etc.), I think it's a national comfort food. At least it was for us last fall when I was on maternity leave. My friends from work brought over a batch of 30-Minute Chili form Southern Living, and I will never use another recipe again! It is the perfect blend of beans, meat, and a homemade spice mix. (Also worth a try, Black Bean Chili from Southern Living, pictured)