I just got back from a visit to Athens, Georgia and the trip turned into a quite wonderful eating experience thanks to my friend Rebecca Lang. Rebecca is a cookbook author and food writer who lives there and was our "restaurant advisor." Our first night in town we had Italian food at DePalma's where I enjoyed an Italian chopped salad and a nice glass of Chianti Classico. The next day we had lunch at The National, which is located in a place that used to be a tire store. Very cool. I couldn't resist the cheeseburger and the tasty fries with pomegranate ketchup. We also sampled the hummus and pita chips. As if I needed to eat more! We ate lunch on Tuesday at Farm 255. The restaurant was not open for lunch that day, but they had a food truck in thir courtyard where I ate one of the best Reuben sandwiches I've had in a while.

Dinner on Monday night was at the Five & Ten. Apparently this place used to be a five-and-ten store. The chef, Hugh Acheson, has been a James Beard nominee for best chef in the Southeast for the past three years and he also owns The National. One of the specialties is the Frogmore Stew, which I love, but I could not resist the special that night which was stuffed trout served over fresh vegetables. All three of us ordered it and I was glad because I did not want to share a single bite. Had I not been in public, I might have licked the plate clean! If you are in Athens, you must eat here. You'll probably need reservations. You will not be disappointed. Let me know what your favorite places are in Athens as I plan to go back again soon.