The Opening Ceremonies are almost upon us which means it's time to eat, drink, and celebrate all things Olympics. Are you hosting a party this weekend to usher in the games? If you are (or you want to!), let us help you get prepared. This year, it's as easy as pouring vodka over ice.

Let's get started with the bar. In honor of Russia, we're serving up vodka cocktails, including this beauty:


This vodka cocktail recipe is really simple and fun to play with. Customize the fruit or flavored vodka to your taste, or to the colors of your favorite competing country. It serves 8, so invite friends. See more Vodka Cocktail Recipes.

Once your friends are sipping, they're going to get hungry. We suggest setting out your favorite appetizers including a classic chip and dip recipe, crudites, and some type of comfort food. Depending on your weather, you may find comfort in pizza, a baked pasta dish, or more vodka cocktails. We don't judge!

In order to pay homage to Mother Russia, you do need to feature at least one dish inspired by the country. If your budget allows, serve caviar over potato pancakes. Cabbage rolls or a pasta with vodka cream sauce are also tasty, easy ideas. See How to Cook Shrimp Vodka Pasta.

If you prefer to stick to sweets, we suggest making a big batch of this delicious treat:


Ironically, it'll be the only thing on your table without vodka listed as an ingredient. We suggest licking this icing off a spoon, but you can also serve it over chocolate cupcakes.

The most important part of an Opening Ceremonies party is inviting good friends, offering tasty food and drinks, and providing as many tiny flags from various countries as possible. See more ideas to Ring In The Games.

What are you doing to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies this weekend?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel